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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Snippets - February 23, 2014

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It's Sunday and time to join an interesting group of Catholic bloggers at RAnn's This That and The Other Thing where you are sure to find something that will touch your heart and stir your soul. Take a few minutes and visit!

I have set forth my postings for this week below. I pray something you read there will be of value. 

But first - a matter of great personal and eternal importance. I am with my sister who is suffering through the burden of carrying the cross of cancer. May I be bold enough to ask all who visit here to storm heaven on Jane's behalf and prayerfully help her carry that ever-increasing burden to a heavenly reward? She and I would be eternally grateful.

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  1. I am with both of you, united in prayer and so united in the Body of Christ, heart to heart, spirit to spirit. Neither of you are ever alone. And when she steps through that thin viel into the arms os Christ, He will say," Well done good and faithful servant, and she will be healed in eternity."