Fra Angelico - Sharing The Fruits of His Contemplation

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)
As a Lay Dominican, I promised to engage in a consistent and serious study of my Faith, to ponder and chew on those Truths and to share the fruits of my contemplation with others - all for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls. In a very limited and inadequate way, I have tried to use my writing and this blog to achieve those goals.

The Blessed Dominican whom we commemorate today,  Blessed John of Fiesole (more popularly referred to as Fra Angelico) shared the fruits of his contemplation, not so much through words, but through the magnificent works of art that flowed from his reflection and through the paint brushes God so skillfully guided.

One would be hard pressed to gaze upon these treasures without obtaining a greater understanding and appreciation for the great Truths of our Faith. Oh, how satisfying  his work is to souls hungry to be nourished!

As I have done for the past two years, I offer a glimpse into Fra Angelico's contemplative soul via a sampling of his work. See them here.

Not enough? Then let your eyes, mind, heart and soul be nourished  here!


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