Eucharistic Reflection - Nothing Can Compare To It!

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“But if it is true that without Christ Jesus we "can do nothing", how much more will that be found true when it is a matter of our carrying out the action which is the holiest one of each day! To unite oneself sacramentally to Christ Jesus in the Eucharist is, for a created being, the highest act there can be. All human wisdom, whatever heights it may reach, is nothing in comparison with that act. We are incapable of adequately disposing ourselves in this without the help of Christ Himself. Our prayers show the reverence we have for Him, but it is He Himself who must prepare a dwelling for Himself within us.
As the psalmist says: ‘The Most High has sanctified His own tabernacle.’  Let that be something we ask of Our Lord by going to visit the Sacrament of the Altar in the afternoon.

 ‘0 Christ Jesus, Word Incarnate, I want to prepare for you a dwelling within me, but I am incapable of that work. 0 Eternal Wisdom, I ask you to dispose my soul to become your temple through your infinite merits; make me be attached to you alone. I offer you my actions and my sufferings of this day, in order that you may make them pleasing to your Divine gaze, and that tomorrow I do not come before you with empty hands.’

Such a prayer is excellent; the day is thus directed towards union with Christ. Love, the mainspring of union, envelops our acts; and, far from murmuring at what happens to us that is disagreeable, tiresome, we offer it to Christ by a move­ment of tender love, and thus the soul will find itself prepared, wholly naturally as it were, when the moment of receiving its God comes.”

(From Christ, The Life of the Soul by Blessed Columba Marmion)


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