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Monday, November 18, 2013

Big Hearted – Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families – Book Review

We live in an upside down world. Demonic forces have conspired to redefine family and marriage in ways contrary to God’s law. Children are often considered an unwanted burden. Large intact families are mocked and criticized. Many children are raised in a moral vacuum and without the love and support of a loving mother and father.

It is that world – our world - that needs and hungers for the truthful and inspiring stories of the faith-filled, struggling, imperfect loving families which Patti Armstrong and Theresa Thomas introduce us to in Big Hearted – Inspiring Stories From Everyday Families.

The authors share an indisputable truth - every family has crosses to bear – be it alcoholic or drug dependent spouses, miscarriages, divorces, disabled children, financial disasters, illnesses, infertility, out of wedlock births, the aftermath of abortion, sterilization or contraception, or the sudden death of a spouse or child, just to identify a few.

Why do some families overcome these burdens while others collapse under their weight?

The stories in Big Hearted – Inspiring Stories From Everyday Families, including the personal testimony of its two authors, leave no doubt the answer to that question is unswerving faith in and obedience to God and an ever present willingness to love Him and others on His behalf.  This is faith and love that is willing to accept whatever challenges God sends, trusting Him to provide the means, strength and support to do what human eyes and minds may first believe impossible for flawed human beings perhaps, but not impossible for God!

The stories in this wonderful book, like the faith and love they describe, can change lives and transform families and communities.  If you want to be inspired, challenged and changed, read this book. 

You can buy a copy by going HERE.

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