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" "You must speak to Jesus, not only with your lips, but also with your heart; actually, on certain occasions, you should speak with only your heart." — St. Padre Pio

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pondering Tidbits of Truth - August 15, 2013

(Abbey at Genesee, Piffard, NY)
Pondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to time.

Dom Prosper Louis Pascal Gueranger

"Meditation has a twofold object: To bring back to the mind truths well known but too much forgotten; to draw them out of the darkness and silence in which they are sleeping, and to give these truths a power of action which they can have only when recalled to mind and reflected upon...As we cannot see unless we look, so it is only by means of meditation that the soul either gains or regains the truth."
(From Guidance in Spiritual Direction by Father Charles Hugo Doyle)

 Jesus to St. Catherine of Siena
"Know that the salvation, the perfection of My servants, stand on this one thing: that they do My will alone, ever striving to fulfill it in all things; that they attend to Me, and serve Me every moment of their lives. The more diligently they apply themselves to this, the nearer they approach perfection, since thus they are in union with Perfection itself...If thou seekest to know My will, that thou mayest perfectly fulfill it, behold in one word that which it is: that thou should love Me with all they heart, and all thy soul, and all thy strength. On the fulfillment  of this precept thy perfection depends; and therefor it is written that the end of the Commandment is charity, and love is the fulfilling of the Law."
                                                                     (The Dialogue)

"One can have faith (believe all the right things), but not have hope or charity. One can also have faith (believe all the right things) and have hope (that is, personally hope for eternal life), but not have charity. All this means that one can believe the right things but not love God or love his neighbor. Such a person, says Thomas Aquinas, will not go to Heaven since faith must be formed by love. (Summa theologiae II-II, q. 23, a. 7-8.)
(From Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages)

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