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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lost The Sense of the Sacred?

There is so much of spiritual value that is shared over the internet on a daily basis that goes unrecognized and/or unread - the sheer volume of such material is mindboggling.

One of the contributions we Catholic bloggers can make toward advancing the cause of The New Evangelization is to share some of the spiritual treasures we discover while searching the web with those who might visit our blogs. Many bloggers already do so.

I ran across one of those treasures some time ago at Traditional Catholic Priest. I should have shared this sooner.

Are you among the many Catholics who wonder how it is that so many of our parishes have lost the sense of the sacred? Do you wonder if it is even possible to reestablish such a sense within our church buildings?

Then you will appreciate the insight that Dietrich von Hildebrand  offers in this article. You will no doubt be amazed when you discover that he wrote this in 1966.


  1. It is good to read what von Hildebrand writes about community. Our former bishop used the word "community" to justify cudgeling those of us who desired reverence and the sacred. I couldn't stand to hear him.

    At Confirmation one year he told the teens that they weren't going to have to worry about suffering the persecutions Christians experienced under Diocletian and that confirmation was all about building "community." I wanted to scream.

  2. The price for being a Catholic is about to go up. With comments like those you highlighted Barb, one must wonder how many of us are prepared to pay that price?

    Always blessed when you take the time to comment. Thank you.