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Monday, July 8, 2013

Got a Dollar? I’ve Got a Great Book For You!

Excuse some shameless self-promotion. But if I do not let you know about my new book, Fleeting Glimpses of the Silly, Sentimental and Sublime, who will?

It is my hope that the twenty personal stories and reflections contained in this book might bring you laughter at a time you feel forlorn, comfort when you are overburdened with the challenges of daily living, tears of joy when certain words you read or images they generate resurrect thoughts of those you loved and lost, greater appreciation for the gift of life, zeal for the salvation of your soul, and an increased desire to give to God and those He created what He and they deserve.

Award winning author and current President of the Catholic Writers' Guild, Ellen Hrkach Gable, had this to say after reading her review copy: 

“This delightful collection of short essays, memories and reflections was a joy to read and I found the author's honest reflections to be inspiring. There were a few copy-editing issues, but overall well done! A bargain at less than a dollar for a download. Highly recommend!” 

At my request, author and fellow Catholic Writers’ Guild member, Stephanie Mann, also reviewed Fleeting Glimpses. Her comments entitled “Not Fleeting But Substantial” included these observations:  

“It's a very personal collection, ranging from humorous to touching vignettes and reflections, including Christmas stories and exhortations to love as Jesus loves and to love Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. It's entertaining and often thought-provoking, revealing the author as a man of compassion and strength.”

Finally, my dear friend Kathy K. offered this review after I provided her with an advance copy:  

“This collection of autobiographical short stories are brimming with love. Mike has such a gift for pulling in the reader and investing him in each story. His writing style is crisp and clear and authentic. It is filled with a great depth of love for His God and family. This book is a gift to yourself that you will want to share with others. Strong recommendation.” 

There is only one way to determine if I have accomplished the goals I set forth for this book and if these three reviewers “got it right” – get a copy and find out for yourself. You can purchase the book at Amazon.com by clicking here.

Fleeting Glimpses of the Silly, Sentimental and Sublime is currently available only in Kindle format. If you do not have a Kindle, you can simply download the appropriate and free KindleBook App and put Fleeting Glimpses on your desktop, laptop, tablet, android or I-phone - making the twenty articles in this book instantly available to you any time you can steal a few minutes away from your daily routines. 

What do you have to lose? - only $.99 and an hour or so of your time.  

If you like the book, would you consider posting a review on Amazon.com? May I also ask you to use your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media accounts to encourage your friends and family to get a copy as well?  

I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you.


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