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" “The trouble with the world is me.” - St Catherine of Siena

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Sinful, Senseless, Slaughter of Innocent Human Life

The gruesome and horrific physical evidence and pictures that have been introduced into evidence in the criminal prosecution of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, as well as the testimony of countless witnesses and accomplices, accurately depict and display the evil that abortion is.

These images and verbal testimony are so disturbing and sickening that our first inclination is to shut our eyes and block our ears.  But look and listen more of us must if we are to end this sinful, senseless slaughter of innocent human life - even as the mainstream media continue their best to hide this horrible Holocaust from our view and hearing.


At the same time, we must recall at least two Truths that men and women can never change, no matter how many “laws” they may enact or “rights” they claim to find hidden in the Constitution of this once great nation:

Each of us have been made in the image and likeness of a loving God, Who alone is the Creator of all life - including the millions of babies abortionists have viciously and savagely ripped apart and removed from their mother's wombs.

This same God so valued human life that He humbled Himself and took on our human form and nature (save for sin) - leaving no doubt for all time, for all men and women, and for all nations of their obligation to welcome, treasure, protect and nourish - not kill and destroy - all to whom He has given life.

None of us know why God has chosen this particular time and this particular abortionist to raise the consciousness of an obstinate nation to the pervasive evil perched and set to destroy it. Pray that we will finally hear Him, repent, welcome and protect all human life from the moment of conception to natural death.

My wife rediscovered a long-favored Miles Kimball Christmas card while we were “tidying up” the kitchen. It depicts a portion of the right arm of God protruding out of the sleeve of His woven robe, holding a tiny infant in the palm of His Sacred and Venerable hand.  Below this striking image are the words: “God’s Greatest Gift.” [1]

With all that is going on in the Philadelphia trial (and in New York where the Governor, who calls himself a Catholic, is pushing legislation to remove most  restrictions on abortion in that state), it struck me that we should not limit the message Mr. Kimball sought to portray in his Christmas card solely to the infant Jesus to Whom it obviously refers. No, we should broaden its scope to encompass all the other little Jesus’ God’s hand has made and whom He considers “His Other Great Gifts”.

Would that the hearts and arms of an often unwelcoming and unloving world be always open to receiving these Godly treasures.

Oh! That we would rise up as one united nation under God with one coherent voice and end this sinful, senseless, slaughter of innocent human life.

 [1] If you want to view a copy of the image created by Mike Kimball to which I referenced,  you can visit his website here.


  1. Thank you both for commenting. There is a great potential for some good to come out by exposing this horrible house of horrors.