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" "You must speak to Jesus, not only with your lips, but also with your heart; actually, on certain occasions, you should speak with only your heart." — St. Padre Pio

Saturday, March 30, 2013

How Great It Is To See You. Please Come Back!

Easter and Christmas are the two times during the course of the year when many Catholics come to Mass who do not regularly do so. As Christ's representatives on earth, we need to welcome every one who enters His Church.

But if we really love our absent brothers and sisters and care about the salvation of their souls neither we nor our priests would allow them to leave without lovingly challenging them.

What follows is an older post with a new name and introductory sentence that attempts to do just that.

Imagine entering Church, sitting down in a pew and in your heart, hearing Jesus say:

"I am always here – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - waiting for you. But generally I am alone, abandoned and ignored.

So when I looked out from behind the closed doors this morning, I was overjoyed to see you! While there were many familiar faces among those filling the pews, there were a good number whom I have not seen in some time. If you only knew the joy I experience when you come!

I take delight in all My people, but I experience a special joy when those who stay away come to be with Me. I have so much to give each of you!

How I hunger for your presence here every Sunday. How I want to be one with you and fill you will My graces. How I want to give you the spiritual nourishment you need to withstand the weekly onslaught and temptations that surround you.

I offer you My Word and most especially My Body, Blood Soul and Divinity!

But if you have not been coming to Sunday Mass, if you have intentionally ignored or disobeyed My commandments, if you have unconfessed mortal sin on your soul, then there is something you must first do before approaching Me at the altar if you are to eternally benefit from Holy Communion.

See that little box, that little room off to the side or in the back of the Church? At least once a week, I sit there in the person of my priest, waiting for you to come, to humble yourself, to acknowledge your sinfulness, to ask for my forgiveness and to resolve to sin no more .My mercy is yours for the asking!

It really isn’t that difficult. I already know where you have failed Me, yourself and others. There is nothing You could ever tell my priest that he has not heard or that I have not forgiven through him countless times before. Truth be told, fewer come to see Me in the confessional each week than visit me in my locked tabernacles!

Pride caused your first parents to disobey me and the same pride keeps so many of you away from Me! Swallow your pride! Humble yourself. Come to this place of forgiveness, healing and mercy – the source of new life. I can not shower you with the graces I have for you in Holy Communion unless you do so.

I am sure you can understand then why your absence from Sunday Mass and the confessional saddens Me so! There is rarely any valid reason for you to miss Sunday Mass or for you to approach Me in the Blessed Sacrament unworthily.

I love you! I will always love you!

I can only offer you eternal life. You must choose it!

So please come back to Mass and confession.

I can hardly wait to see you again."



  1. I think every Church should have something like this posted in their bulletins on Christmas and Easter. Sure, many C&E Catholics won't even pick up a bulletin, much less read it, but I think it would be worth it for the few that do.

    1. Bethanie:

      Thank you.

      If we placed the salvation of souls as our number one priority, your suggestion would be implemented. The message I tried to share is not frequently welcomed. For a change in heart, we must pray

  2. The article is a beautiful reminder of Who is present at all times in the Catholic Church. This article could be an insert to the bulletin, because many Catholics attend church at their convenience, especially with summer coming. "How I hunger for your presence here every Sunday."

    1. Thanks for commenting Cathy.

      We would never be able to lock our Church doors if Catholics really believed Jesus was physically present and waiting for their visit.