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Friday, December 14, 2012

Monday Musings - Their Silence Must End!

If God used Balaam’s donkey to get that prophet’s attention, I guess he can use me to get yours. May these periodic postings on the second and fourth Mondays of each month (God willing) generate fruitful discussion and faithful change.
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(I know it is Friday and not Monday! But I feel guilty about missing my Monday Musing posting this week. So I am doing this now.These thoughts have been on my mind for some time. I was prompted to share them today as a result of an on-going discussion at another site.)
Their Silence Must End!
The long-standing public silence of a majority of our Bishops remains deafening. Too many have refused for far too long to publicly correct errant Catholic politicians and organizations. Gay marriage would not have passed in NYS were it not for the actions of a governor and legislators who held themselves out as being Catholics. At least one of its staunchest legislative supporters still serves as a cantor in his parish.
The same can be said for those Congressmen and women who claim to be Catholic but who support, among other things, abortion, Planned Parenthood funding, and the HHS mandate. "Catholic" legislators and/or governors in states other than
New York were instrumental in advancing gay adoptions and marriages in their jurisdictions.
In the vacuum created by the Bishops’ silence, is there any wonder that so many others claiming to be Catholic have chosen to follow the lead of their elected Catholic officials rather than the inerrant (but infrequently articulated) Truths of their Church or that some Catholic Charity offices actually facilitate adoptions for non-married heterosexual couples or for gay couples or gay singles?
Silence and fear to fraternally correct those claiming to be Catholic but misrepresenting the Church’s teachings allow such evils to flourish.

The Catholic Church exists not to assure universal health care or social justice, or immigration reform, or world peace or any other number of laudable projects. It was created by Jesus Christ as His earthly instrument to save souls! Nothing, absolutely nothing else, must take precedence over that Divinely imposed duty.

With all due respect for the difficult responsibilities they carry, I join my voice with many others pleading for our Bishops to be true Shepherds, to stand up for, to teach, and to defend God’s truth, to end their silence, to stop worrying about people's "feelings" and to concentrate on saving the souls of the sheep entrusted to their care.
There is an excellent article relevant to this discussion that recently appeared online at Homiletic & Pastoral Review, entitled The Pastoral Mandate, Politicians and Religious Liberty. It is well worth your time to read.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. The bishops need to quit bowing to politicians and stand up to teach the faith. The teaching office of the bishop is key to their calling and the source of much grace for them to do their jobs. There are no special graces for engaging in politics and issuing papers on subjects which don't fall into their competence but rather, belong to the laity to do. The bishops need to stop fiddling and get a good bucket brigade going.