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" "In the first place it should be known that if a person is seeking God, his beloved is seeking him much more." — St. John of the Cross

Friday, August 10, 2012

Eucharistic Reflection

        How must we draw inspiration from Our

        Lord, and how obey Him in all that we do?

       By recalling His Presence in the Blessed

       Sacrament and by praying for His guidance.

     Do not go to seek Our Lord in heaven, for

     He is nearer to you than that. It is well,

    doubtless, to rise toward His glorious throne

    from time to time, and to desire to see His

   splendor, but in practical life, you should

   have Him nearer to you, and it is in the

   Most Blessed Sacrament that you should

   seek and find Him.

  Our Lord might say to you: "Why do you

  neglect My Presence here? Do you think it

  is of no importance and that you can do

  without it? In heaven I am the God of glory

  for the elect; in My Sacrament I am the God

  of grace for them that struggle.

  "In all your actions, then, draw your inspiration

  from His Eucharistic Presence. How? By

  adoration, by prostrating yourself in spirit at

  His feet, by renouncing your own natural lights,

  and sentiments, in order to ask of Him the how

  of all things. Ask of Him in everything the best

  means, the best thought, the best way by

  acknowledging your blindness and impotence.

  Our Lord performed nothing but by the inspiration

  of His Father. He read in Him how He should

  think, judge, speak, and act.  Do the same with

  regard to Jesus Christ. Then you will act by His

  Spirit. He will send Him to you, for the Spirit

  proceeds from Him, and He will communicate to

  you the thought and intention, supernatural and

  divine, of Jesus Christ.

(The Divine Eucharist, extracts from the Writings of Saint Peter Julian Eymard, Founder of the Congregation of the Most Blessed Sacrament)

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