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Monday, December 5, 2011


Publication is really just around the corner - any day now, God willing!

While we await that happy event, several have asked if I could provide them with a further glimpse into the book. You'll have an opportunity to "Look Inside" before purchasing the book once it is listed on Amazon.com. In the meanwhile, I lack the technological skills to replicate what Amazon.com will be doing on their site. I have, however, copied and pasted the Alphabetical Index of Topics and a few randomly selected sample quotations to help satisfy your present curiosity.

Is their some other specific topic that you would like to sample?

I welcome your comments.

Alphabetical Index of Topics


Abandonment to God’s Will 56

Abortion 252

Absolute Truth 265

Almsgiving 50

Angels 181

Anger 119


Baptismal Promises 74

Beatitudes 32


Cardinal or Moral Virtues 134

Catholic Church Founded by

Christ 265

Catholic Politicians 279

Communion of Saints 184

Confession 158

Conscience 110

Contemplation 85

Contraception 256

Conversion 113

Corporal Works of Mercy 30


Death 187

Discouragement 121

Dissent 273

Divine Mercy 5

Duty of Man 28


Eucharist 209

Eucharistic Adoration 221

Evangelization 35

Evil 97

Eyes of God 11


Faith/Faithfulness 135

Fasting 163

Fear 122

First Friday Devotions 295

First Saturday Devotions 297

Forgiveness 7

Four Last Things 190

Fraternal Correction 45

Freedom 268

Fruits of the Holy Spirit 156


Gifts of the Holy Spirit 157

God’s Will 53

Good/Goodness 138

Gospel of Life 249

Grace 153


Happiness/Joy 138

Heaven 194

Hell 195

Heresy 276

Forgotten Truths to Set Faith Afire!

340 341

Alphabetical Index of Topics

Holiness 19

Hope 141

Humility 144


Joseph 178

Judgment 193

Justice/Mercy 8


Knowledge of God 23


Laity-Their Proper Role 33

Love 42

Love of God 39

Lukewarmness 125


Marriage 258

Mary 173

Meditation 82

Modesty 146

Mortification 167


Natural Law 269

Nature of God 1

Nature of Man 15


Obedience 150

Our Profession of Catholic

Faith 75


Patience 151

Penance 114

Perfection 22

Perseverance 59

Prayer 77

Precepts of the Church 72

Presence of God 12

Pride 127

Priests 240

Purgatory 203

Purpose of Life 16


Redemption/Salvation 3

Reparation 129

Rosary 88


Sacraments 155

Sacred Heart 227

Saints 183

Satan 95

Scripture 90

Self-Knowledge 24

Seven Deadly Sins 117

Silence 92

Sin 100

Social Justice vs. Salvation of Souls


Spiritual Combat 98

Spiritual Direction 169

Spiritual Progress 170

Spiritual Works of Mercy 31

Suffering 60

Sunday Obligation 70


Teaching 289

Temptation 107

Ten Commandments 69

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass


The Little Way 293

The Poor 47

The Tongue 127

Theological Virtues 133

Time 13

Tolerance 271

Truth 261

Trust 66


Virtue 131

Voting-Five Non-Negotiable Issues 290

Sample Quotations From Random Topics

Abandonment to God’s Will

Accept whatever happens to you as sent to you by the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in order to unite yourself to Him. – St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

... it does not matter what we do or where we are, as long as we bear in mind that we are His belonging, that Jesus can do with us whatever He wants, that we owe Him our love and that we love Him. Whether we work for the rich or on behalf of the poor, whether we work among people of high society or among inhabitants of the inner city, what is important is only the love we put into carrying out our job. – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

It no longer matters to me what I do, or what I suffer, provided that I remain lovingly united to Your will. Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection

Lord, may I be content not only with the gifts You have given me, but also with the results that come from my best efforts. – Living Faith


The dialogue of salvation was not conditioned by the merits of those to whom it was directed; it was open to all men, without discrimination. – Pope Paul VI

Though Christ died for all; yet, not all will receive the benefit of His Death! – Council of Trent

It is not our actions, but the grace of our Redeemer, that is the principal cause of the hope of salvation. –St. Thomas Aquinas

For a small living, men run a great way, but for eternal life many will scarce move a single foot from the ground. – Thomas a Kempis

In order to desire to be saved, we must know we are lost. – Madeleine Delbrel, Servant of God


It would be wise for me to always remember that I must die and that I ought always to be ready. I should be able to go to bed at night and say: This night I may die; and if I die I am going to heaven…Would I do this or that if I knew I were to die this minute?...Live so death will never find me unprepared. I must always be ready. – Father Winfrid Herbst, S.D.S.

Life is given us that we may learn to die well, and we never think of it! To die well we must live well. – St. John Marie Vianney

If you are unprepared to face death today, how will you be tomorrow? Tomorrow is uncertain and you may not be here to see it. – Thomas a Kempis

God promises to receive the repentant sinner when he returns to Him, but nowhere does He promise to give him tomorrow. – St. Gregory


I enter into certain souls as into a second Passion. – Jesus to St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

There is a mystery, the greatest of all mysteries – not that my adored Lord is in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar – His word has said it, and what is so simple as to take that word, which is true to itself? – but that souls of His own creation, whom He gave His life to save, who are endowed with His choicest gifts in all things else, should remain blind, insensible, and deprived of that light without which every other blessing is unavailing! St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Oh, if only all souls knew who is living in our Churches, there would not be so many outrages and so much disrespect in these holy places. – St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

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