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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who Is St. Martin de Porres?

Did you know that three great Domician saints lived at the same time in Lima, Peru? They are  - St. Rose of Lima, St. John Macias and St. Martin de Porres.

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Martin de Porres. If you want to get a good sense of this outstanding Dominican, read A Brother to His Brothers, an article posted today by Brother John Baptist Hoang, O.P., a student at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington D.C.

For your information, the Church celebrates the feast day of St. Rose of Lima on August 23rd and that of St. John Macias on September 18th. I wrote a little piece on St. Rose last August. You may be able to tease your curiosity about St. John by glancing at this brief article .

St. Martin, St. Rose, St John Macias aand all the Dominican saints and blesseds, pray for us!

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