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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sound And Timely Advice For The Rest Of Us

As we pray for the sanctification of our priests, we should also pray and aspire for our own sanctification and that of our family and loved ones. Like our beloved priests, we lay members of Christ's Church must  also spend time in adoration before our loving and often abandoned Lord.

Picking up on my previous post and  melding it with the advice offered at a healing Mass that my wife and I were blessed to attend last week, may each of us consider offering the following prayer in the silence of our hearts every time we approach our Lord to receive His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

O Lord that I may approach You as if this was my very first Holy Communion.
O Lord that I might approach You as if this was my only Holy Communion.
O Lord that I might approach You as if this my very last Holy Communion.

It is only through the Eucharist that any of us, priest, religious or lay, will ever become the saints God calls us to be. 

Thank you Lord for the holy priests, religious and lay men and women already in our midst. Make the rest of us holy and pleasing in Your sight as well. 

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