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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sound And Timely Advice For Our Priests

Father Mark continues with his wise advice:

The Compass That Orients One's Priesthood
The priest who is not first an adorer has lost the compass that orients all the rest of his life. The priesthood is ordered to adoration, and the summit of adoration is sacrifice: the immolation of a victim to God. The loss of the spirit of adoration is the ruin of the priesthood.
Prayer Before Mass
This prayerful suggestion, I understand, was posted in the sacristy at one of the convents Blessed Teresa of Calcutta had visited:

O priest, say this Mass as if it were your first Mass.
O, priest say this Mass as if it were your only Mass.
O priest, say this Mass as if were your last Mass.

Let our prayers for the sanctification of all our priests never cease!

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