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" "..remember, no one is fit to comprehend heavenly things, who hath not resigned himself to suffer adversities with Christ."– From Meditation On The Passion

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Forgotten Truths to Set Faith Afire! - Its Purpose

Excerpts from the Preface
I am not a theologian. However, as a member of the Lay Fraternities of Saint Dominic, I promised to engage in the “assiduous study of Sacred Truth.” Over the years, God has placed a tremendous hunger in my heart to know and share that Truth. During that time, I highlighted or made photocopies of passages in various articles and books that opened my eyes, stirred my soul and spoke to my heart. Much of what I have read over these years, I have written on index cards and stored them in my desk drawer. Periodically re-reading this material has had a significant impact on my life and spiritual journey…As a Dominican, I can not hoard these “Forgotten Truths” in my desk for my exclusive reflection. I must share them with others, knowing they will be a fruitful source of contemplation. That is the purpose of this book.

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as the book is available for sale, you will be able to order a copy directly from this blog or through Amazon.com. That date will be in God's perfect timing!

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  1. Look forward to purchasing the book. A must read.