" “Teresa alone is worth nothing; Teresa and a penny are worth less than nothing; Teresa, a penny, and God can do anything.” - St. Teresa of Avila

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's "Worth Revisiting" Wednesday - Yes Mildred. You Are Both Rich and Poor!

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Here is my contribution this week:

Some Thoughts On Luke's Gospel - Yes Mildred, You Are Both Rich And Poor!

(Originally posted on February 28, 2013)

We need a reality check!

By any objective measure, most of us living in the U.S. are rich – materially rich beyond the experiences of the majority of the rest of the people who inhabit this planet. The median household income in this country, we are told, is just over $50,000.  Yet, we in America never seem to be satisfied with all that we do have and never tire of wanting more. Almost everything has become a “necessity”.  

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Luke's Gospel about the rich man and Lazarus (16:19-31) challenges us to be more realistic in our own self assessment. Despite our protestations and real hardships, we who live here in this nation are rich in a material sense.

In another sense, too many of us in this rich country are still very poor – poor in spirit. We do not treasure and appreciate our loving Lord who nourishes us with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and Who remains physically here among us, waiting to be visited and consoled and, in return, to love and heal.

So let us ask ourselves some vital questions.

Where are the physical Lazarus’ in our midst – those in need of our material assistance, love, and support? How are we treating them – like the rich man in today’s Gospel, or as our Lord has commanded us to do?

Where are the spiritually needy among us – those who don’t know our Lord or who rarely think of Him and what are we doing to alleviate this form of poverty? How are we treating Jesus – the poorest among us – neglected, abandoned and unloved?

The answers to these questions will dictate where we will spend eternity.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Eucharistic Reflection – You Envelope Me In Your Love

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)

My Eucharistic Jesus, I love You more now that I hide myself so that You may appear... now that I conceal myself so that You may reign... now that I am nothing so that You maybe everything.

I love You more, much more, adorable Jesus... now that I have died to earth's vanities... now that, with Your grace, I have moved away from worldly things... now that I have renounced being something that was not trash... now that I have stood in the shade so that others could shine!

I love You more now that I keep my soul clean.., now that I am voluntarily poor... now that I obey and crucify myself to please You.

Is it not true, my Jesus, that all of this is the fruit of solitude, and that at the foot of Your Sacrament one enjoys an intimacy that is unknown to the world because of its purity? Here, let me say it very near to You, Jesus of my life! Caresses and tenderness flow night and day in the midst of pain and tears.... Here my sighs burn You and Your glances scorch me.... Here I hand You my pain and You envelope me in Your love.

My October 6 Appearance on Elizabeth Reardon's Radio Program "An Engaging Faith"

I am honored to be the guest of Elizabeth Reardon on her radio show “An Engaging Faith” this Tuesday, October 6, 2015 from 4 to 5 PM EST.
Please pray for us and consider listening on Breadbox Media.

We will be talking about my Faith Journey, Eucharistic Adoration, Lay Dominicans, Prison Ministry and my books. God willing it will be an interesting conversation.

If the time is not convenient, go back to Breadbox Media later and listen to a podcast of the show.

May God use us to touch hearts and stir souls.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Musings - Of Demons, Swine, Unwelcoming Hearts and the Eucharist

What do demons, swine and an unwelcoming town have to do with the Eucharist?

The Gospel read at Mass one day during my recent silent retreat was from Mathew (8:28-34) – a passage many of us have read or heard numerous times. Although the Eucharist is never mentioned, on this particular day the Apostle’s words drew me to that Mysterious Gift. Let me explain.

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

As you will recall, Jesus crossed over from Galilee into the mostly Gentile area of the Gadarenes. He and His disciples approached a field where a large herd of swine were feeding. There Jesus encountered two demon possessed men who made travel on this particular road impossible.

The demons within these men immediately recognized Jesus as the Son of God. It had to be excruciatingly painful for these evil spirits to remain in His Presence. They begged Jesus to send them into the nearby herd of swine.

“Out with you!” Jesus commanded. They entered the swine and the entire herd ran down the bluff and into the sea where they drowned.

At this sight, the swine’s caretakers (herdsmen), not knowing who Jesus was or understanding what they had just witnessed, fled the area and informed their fellow townspeople what they had seen. Matthew tells us that everyone in the town later came back to meet Jesus.

They came. They saw Jesus. But did they actually meet Him?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Someone You Need To Meet - Father Capodanno

A Priest you must meet. He gave his earthly life for the souls he treasured and sought to save.
Read this short article on his life. Then take a look at this short video from Real Life TV:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book Review - Stay With Me by Carolyn Astfalk

Stay With Me, written by Carolyn Astfalk, is an outstanding example of the exemplary fiction being written by contemporary Catholic authors who are willing to take on the pressing social and moral issues of our time and doing so constructively and interestingly, with realistic and quick paced story lines. 

You will have no problem recognizing yourself, family and friends through the voices of Chris, Rebecca and her sister, Abby. Their powerful personalities will jump off the pages of this book.

This is an exceptionally well written and realistic novel. I found it difficult to put it down. In fact, I read it in two days – choosing not to do other things on my agenda. I do not regret doing so.

This novel addresses practical issues in the lives of all unmarried couples who struggle with the Catholic Church’s teachings on chastity and premarital sex, give no consideration to them, reject them outright, or mistakenly believe it is impossible to live out those truths. 

The author does this seamlessly, realistically and compellingly.You will be surprised. You will be moved. You will be pleased you took the time to read Stay With Me.  And, I have no doubt, you will be recommending it to everyone you know..

Want To Be Saved?