Eucharistic Reflection - Love Him

"At this time in history, with news crashing on upon us from every side - mostly bad news, and some of it frankly scandalous in the extreme, as it reveals the callous complicity with, approbation of, and dedication to evil on the part of many in the hierarchy of the Church, who were supposed to be our guides to holiness and our models of it - nothing could be better than for us to go regularly before the Lord in Adoration. 

Fair weather or foul, super-busy or at loose ends, it doesn't matter; this is what we should be doing for our Church, for our clergy, for ourselves. This is what Our Lord is waiting for: a sign from us, an unmistakable sign, that we love Him for His own sake, and above all things on earth. When enough of us are taking real steps to love Him in exactly this way - with our whole mind, our whole heart, our whole soul, and our whole strength - we may then count on a new flood of graces inundating the Church."

(Dr. Peter Kwasniewski from The Holy Bread of Eternal Life - Restoring Eucharistic Reverence in an Age of Impiety.  

PAUSE AND PONDER: What is preventing me from spending an hour of Adoration with our loving Lord each week? Aside from participation in Sunday Mass, what could possibly be more important or needed? Is not God waiting for me?

(These questions follow Dr. Kwasniewski's reflection in Pondering Tidbits of Truth, Volume 6).


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