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"Grace does not work like a penny in a slot machine. Grace will only move you when you want it to move you, and only when you let it move you." — Ven. Fulton J. Sheen

Monday Musings-Are We Making The Right Choice?

[Sit Down. Quiet your soul. Surrender to the Silence. Ponder God saying to you that which he silently uttered to Cardinal Francis Xavier Van Thuan:]

“Why torment yourself? All you have done…is excellent work, the work of God, but it is not God! If God wants you to give it all up and put the work in His hands, do it and trust Him. God will do the work infinitely better than you…You have only to choose God not the work of God.” 

(From Who Are We in COVID-Time? written by Cheryl Ann Smith and published in the February 2021 issue of Restoration)

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