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Monday, July 10, 2017

Book Review - Dying For Compassion – The Lady Doc Murders – Book Two by Dr. Barbara Golder

When I opened my review copy of Dying For Compassion The Lady Doc Murders – Book Two, it was like reconnecting with a close friend whose company I have missed and desired for some time. After reading and reviewing Dr. Barbara Golder’s first book, Dying for Revenge -The Lady Doc Murders – Book One, I remember exhorting others to pray that her second novel would not be long in coming.

Finally, it’s here! This gifted story-teller did not disappoint. Within just a few pages, I was back in Telluride with Dr. Jane Wallace, her persistent and engaging Irish suitor, Eoin Conner, her priestly ally and adviser, Father Matt, and a cast of even more intriguing and troubled souls. It was like I had never left Colorado. 

Although I was not surprised that Eoin continued his romantic pursuit of the good doctor and relief from canonical bars to his remarriage, I was entertained, intrigued and stunned by this fascinating and fast-paced murder mystery.

The story line and characters all ring true – consistent with my own life experiences. Among other topics, we see how devastating lies can be in altering another person’s ability to live life freely, how difficult it often is for a devoted Catholic to live his Faith, for a priest to confront his own shortcomings and sinfulness, for an ex-wife to abandon her desire for revenge and ask for forgiveness and help, and for those who want to end human suffering out of a false sense of compassion. 

I promised myself when I first opened this book that I would limit myself to just read two or three chapters at a time. It was an impossible promise for me to keep. Like the first volume, I had difficulty putting this one down.  

I highly recommend this book. It is a great read!

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