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" “The trouble with the world is me.” - St Catherine of Siena

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Eucharistic Reflection - The Real Me

Eucharistic Reflection - The Real Me

As you gaze at the crucifix remember that the figure on the cross is a representation of Me. It draws the eye and the senses towards Me. The Real Me.

Look at the Real Me in the monstrance, here I AM gazing at you. I gaze on your soul. I see you as you really are and I love you my child. There is nothing else to say that is not contained in the words "I love you".

I love you with all of my being - I ask nothing of you; but that you allow yourself to be loved by Me.

And in the passivity of being loved, you will grow into my likeness And you will see the world as I see it.

You will become Christ-like and all this from visiting Me and allowing Me to love you.

Prayer in response

My Lord and my God.

I sit here gazing at You and You gaze on my soul. I am willing to passively accept Your love for me - to let You love me as You will.

But more than this Lord I ask You to pour out on me all Your love that has been rejected by others, so that it is not rejected any longer.

I receive Your love with all my heart. Fill it to overflowing so that it flows out to all mankind.

Fill this Warrior of Light with Your love so that it will shine out on the whole world. Like through a prism breaking the light of your love into its constituent parts - rays radiating ever outwards. Always being given away - never kept back.

                      (© Steve O'Sullivan – Reprinted with Permission)

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