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" “The trouble with the world is me.” - St Catherine of Siena

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pondering Tidbits Of Truth - May 9, 2013

Pondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to time. 


Father Anthony J. Paone, S.J.

"My child, human respect is the fear of being criticized or corrected by people. Live your life in My presence, and do not think too much of what people may think or say. As long as your conscience is clear, the thoughts or words of men can neither add to nor subtract from your true worth. You are not a better man when people praise you, nor are you worse when they find fault with you. You are what you are, and I see you as you really are. Your value in My eyes does not depend upon the judgments of people. I look upon your heart. I see your intentions and your sincere efforts. Men judge you mainly by your external actions. They cannot be sure of your merit or guilt in the deed. Too often they judge you by their own likes and dislikes, or by their own vanity and fixed ideas." 


St. John Marie Vianney 

"We can very well say that the Passion which the Jews made Christ suffer was almost nothing compared with what Christians make him undergo with their insults of mortal sins…what horror there will be when Jesus Christ shows us the things for which we have abandoned Him!" 

(From Sermon on Sin)


Venerable  Fulton J. Sheen

"Poor in spirit [referenced in the Sermon on the Mount]…does not mean indigent. To be poor in spirit is to be conscious of one’s spiritual poverty, to blush at one’s own defects, to have a deep sense of nothingness before God, and to be resigned before the beneficent Hand of Providence. The foundation of all spiritual happiness is to be conscious before God of one’s emptiness or one’s need, like the publican smiting his breast. Poverty of spirit is the very antithesis of the worldly doctrine of self-sufficiency." 

(From The Life of Christ)



  1. St. John Vianney's quote should bring all of us up short. What are we really doing when we commit mortal sin? Scary.

    Bishop Sheen's explanation about "poor in spirit" is one of the best I've read.

  2. What Barb just said -- I agree.

  3. St. John Vianney's quote also hit me hard. It's easy to recognize others in those kind of things...but it's ourselves we are challenged to see.

  4. Thank you Barb, Rich and Kathleen for taking the time to comment.

    So many have never heard these truths. Those of us who have must not only share them with others but, if necessary as Kathleen reminded us, adjust our own behaviors so as not to live a life inconsistent with the truths we share - not an easy thing to do for us sinful humans.