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" “The trouble with the world is me.” - St Catherine of Siena

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why God Deserves To Be Adored!

Let us end this year and enter the new one pondering the vastness of the following Truth and how we should respond to It:

The act of adoration expresses the realization that God is greatness, pure and simple, and that man is smallness, pure and simple; that God exists by reason of Himself and in Himself, but man only through God and by God's grace.

Adoration affirms: "Thou are God; I am man. Thou art the One that truly is, self-created, substantial from all eternity. I am only through Thee and in Thy sight. Thou has plentitude of being and all fullness of value, all sublimity of meaning; Thou are Lord and unto Thyself. The meaning of my existence, however, is derived from Thine. I live in Thy light and the measure of my existence is in Thee." 

(From the Art of Praying by Monsignor Romano Guardini)

Let us also end this last blog entry for 2011 with an inspiring hymn and a heartfelt blessing for a happy and holy New Year !

                                   (Video  credit to RheaMarvanne.com and You Tube)

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